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MALAGA, a cultural city, the capital of Andalusia

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on August 10 2020, 11:55am

From each direction of Malaga city, the capital of Andalusia opens you some cultural buildings and places.

  Restaurants -©hafidabenyacoub
Museum-Historic monuments-©hafidabenyacoub
Typical Spanish street -©hafidabenyacoub

The shopping center area

One of a biggest shopping street in Malaga. Other shopping center in district of town. Shops are opened until late in the evening.
Covid19 is still on the air
Tourists wear a mask in any place in the city. Clean and stay safe, before entering in the restaurant or coffee.

Culture: Art contemporary, the city of Picasso

The place where artist, Picasso was born


Monuments, architecture, and gardens

Building ©hafidabenyacoub
Archtecture ©hafidabenyacoub
Church ©hafidabenyacoub
Cathedral ©hafidabenyacoub
Statue ©hafidabenyacoub
Statue - ©hafidabenyacoub
Statue of the mayor of Malaga - Entrance of Alcabar ©hafidabenyacoub
Alcabar -Archeology area ©hafidabenyacoub
Theater ©hafidabenyacoub
Sport in the street-©hafidabenyacoub
Birds in the garden -©hafidabenyacoub
Garden - ©hafidabenyacoub
Garden close to the sea ©hafidabenyacoub
Garden drive to Pompidou museum @hafidabenyacoub
Garden and architecture to drive to Pompidou Museum @hafidabenyacoub
Pompidou Museum ©hafidabenyacoub

Restaurants and the best Ice-cream in Spain

View from 1st floor of restaurant - ©hafidabenyacoub
 Inside the restaurant -©hafidabenyacoub
Restaurant with Malaga dishes ©hafidabenyacoub
 Traditional dish -Malaga - ©hafidabenyacoub
Ice-cream with Torrone or Nougat, a special made Malaga-©hafidabenyacoub
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