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Nordic interiors brand FEATHR met Victorian's style

Arcadia Copper wall mural

Arcadia Copper wall mural

Nordic interiors brand FEATHR have brought together high luxury and cosy hygge with their new Victoriana Luxe wallcoverings collection. 

The collection features seven glamorous new designs inspired by classic motifs of the late Victorian and early Edwardian periods, with botanical themes, rich brocade motifs and classic geometric detail.   The lushly detailed designs have been married to warm colourways and metallic detailing, creating the warm, flickering light sought after in the Danish interiors concept of cosiness or ‘hygge’.


The Victoriana Luxe collection is available as custom-sized wall murals, with worldwide delivery from www.feathr.com or the Feathr retail network.  Each design comes on a sumptuous and weighty 260g metallic wallcovering, finished in gold, silver or bronze.

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