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2021: Accor group takes a forward looking

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on January 6 2021, 09:31am

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“It’s time to adjust and rebuild for the future in ways that continue to take traveler safety into account, but also reflect the lifestyles and experiences business and leisure guests are accustomed to. Over the past year, people around the world put their travel aspirations on hold. It is clear from our consumer research that the desire to travel is as deeply rooted and strong as ever.”

said - Francois DungSenior Vice President, Consumer & Market Insight, Accor

If  Mars 2020 was so scary with an unprecedented situation with a covid19 pandemic. Today, people still have been resilient, wear mask, clear their hands, stay alone. They have tried to travel, to visit in Summer and sometimes in Winter as they can in 2021. Beyond this year, it will be a recovery according to Accord travel who mentioned it in their report.  Employees of this company studied behaviors of each target : business and leisure customers. They tought "A deep understanding of motivations and behaviors is crucial to predicting how consumers and corporations will view lifestyle pursuits and experiences in the years to come."

Clean and saftety will be the top priority for global travelers. 88%  of customers select a hotel with a top level to be in safety place. Gobally, 77% travelers makes more priority on strict sanitation and saftey standards.

Remind in 2020 : allsafe was set in hotel around the world

In the begining of pandemic, Accor group set a label call "ALLSAFE" to guarantee the cleanliness and hygienic requirements in the hotel.  One of the most compelling data points of Accor’s research shows that heading to a hotel for a getaway ranks as one of the top three activities Accor customers feel ready to do. Three-quarters of Accor guests say they would feel comfortable staying in a hotel, compared to less than 55 percent who are ready to use public transit.

Beyond COVID19, ready to welcome customers

Hotels sector rethinks and addresses the realities of travel post-COVID-19 and the leaders said "it is also a time to address and bring to the forefront the digital transformation that was underway before the pandemic – from contactless check in/out to the personalization of the hotel experience. Although promising vaccines have emerged, recovery timelines continue to be debated, meaning the industry needs to reconsider and fast-track these new models to transition from the initial impact of COVID-19 to a more resilient future."

More than half of business travellers think that they move around less than before the COvid19 outbreak. Others choose to work from home with various consequences: decrease work-life balance, impact on productivity/mental and health of personal space becoming office space.

Ten Accor hotels in Bangkok – including Pullman Bangkok King Power, Grand Mercure Asoke Residence and Vie Hotel Bangkok – MGallery – are now offering day-use packages for guests who need a private office space for the day, while across India, for example, ibis hotels are now offering co-working spaces under the Work@ibis label. Guests booking the service can reserve their “office” for the day while enjoying all the in-room amenities and comforts, including customized F&B offerings. A key player in the “workspitality” segment, Accor also offers convenient access to high-end and budget-friendly workspaces through Wojo, a pioneering co-working brand that includes a diverse network of private offices, shared workspaces, and meeting rooms.

“There is no question that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in modern history, not only for the travel industry, but for everyone the world over. Fortunately, we have all adapted to the current situation and it is through this collective resilience that we feel cautiously optimistic about some level of recovery in 2021. We have all been through transformative shifts this year, and we’re ready for things to move in a positive direction as soon as possible.”

said Patrick Mendes, Chief Commercial Officer, Acco

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