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SRIL LANKA re-opened its borders to international tourism

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on January 26 2021, 21:57pm

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Sri lanka Tourism Minister.

Two European destinations to test : Germany and Switzerland

Tourism gouvernment in Sri Lanka decided to re-open its border to two main countries in Europe : Germany and Switzerland,   Sri Lanka Ambassador  Her Excellency  Manori Unambuwa along with other officials hailed the group in Frankfurt which was an encouragement for Germans to visit the country. Sri Lankan Airlines flight took off from Frankfurt to Colombo on 21st January 2021 with a group of tourists from Germany and Switzerland.

Sri Lankan Airlines commenced flights from Frankfurt to the country and it is scheduled to operate two direct  flights  per week to enhance the tourist  arrivals from Germany in time to come. The number of arrivals from Germany in 2018 and  2019 were 156,888 and 134,899  respectively.

In the last of the end 2020, the country tried to welcome tourism and again re-closed its border. The pandemic makes gouvernment being more cautious in order to reduce cases and death. Since the beginning of the situation of covid19, Sri Lanka has 59 167 cases and 287 death.  India sent some vaccine for free to Sri Lanka. The president said "We do not have to wait longer than the 27th of this month to receive a quantity of free vaccines from India," President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said, addressing the presidential mobile service at Walallawita south of here this morning.

The latest tourism campaign let us a taste to travel to love this country.

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