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UK designers and plants?

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on January 11 2021, 23:26pm

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Bring the Outside IN! Planters & Vases!

Red Candy is a Brittish company who create some funny plant pot of vases. Featuring an adorably cute face adorned with a rather long and ?squiggly? beard, the potter Is the only man you will ever need. The product also comes with a fully customizable hairstyle, depending on your choice of plant of course! Just keep him watered, and watch his hair grow!

The Beardy Plant Pot would make an excellent gift for a colleague (although you may be tempted to keep it for yourself). The item is also perfectly suited for an office desk or coffee table.
The plant pot is made of high quality porcelain and has a diameter of 85mm

I Will Survive Mini Planter

First, I was afraid, I was petrified! Thinking my aloe vera had nearly died! Let’s get one thing straight! There are two types of people in this world: the over-waterers and the under-waterers. That’s right, I’m talking about the way people care for their houseplants. And yes, I know what you’re thinking and yes, I’m sure there probably are some people that are neither. People that are so perfect that they know exactly how to look after their plants and they live in a wonderful, oh-so-instagrammable house with healthy greenery coming out of their eyeballs. Well, good for those people. And no, I’m not bitter – you’re bitter! Alright, so I admit it – I’m an over-waterer! What can I say?! I guess I just love my greenery so much that I water it into oblivion! Thankfully, my wee plant is a survivor and, in the I Will Survive Mini Planter, it’s making itself clear that it won’t fall victim to my overwatering habits…well hopefully! Made from high quality dolomite, this planter is a great gift for any under or over-waterer in your life. Just not for the perfect gardeners – they can keep their perfect plants and their boring planters… we don’t want ‘em! I Will Survive Mini Planter Specifications Material: Dolomite Colour:  Green Dimensions: 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm Product Code: SAB-XDC431

Little Stumpy Planter

Chucking a cheeky side-eye to his left, it’s impossible not to smile when you catch a glance at this Little Stumpy Planter! Made of terracotta, this plant pot stands on four teeny legs, giving your petite plants a wee bit of height. And though it may be small, this little planter sure makes a mighty impact and gives even the smallest of shrubs the biggest of personalities! A brilliant gift for a green-fingered friend, this unique planter will add a touch of quirky to any windowsill, shelf or desk. So go on, stick a slight succulent inside and praise the puny! Little Stumpy Planter Specifications Material: Terracotta Colour: Orange Dimensions: H10 cm x W8 cm Product code: SAB-TEN021


Redcandy produce in United Kingdom and deliver in various countries that you can consult to
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