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Malaysian gouvernment announced positive measures for Business travellers

Publié par TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA sur 8 Mars 2021, 09:14am

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Courtesy Photo by Pok Rie

Courtesy Photo by Pok Rie

The Malaysian gouvernment made a decision to allow business travellers to come in the country. Malaysia's Safe Travel portal gives useful information and advisory service to facilitate them entry to the territory. The measures took place 3 March 2021 for both short and long term Business staying who can apply online to this site https://safetravel.mida.gov.my. It is required to make the request online 14 days before the trip.

Short term Business travellers is for a staying last 14 days or less. They may be considered for exemption from mandatory quarantine subject to the approval of the OSC Committee and adherence to strict Standard Operating Procedures. To a long term  is for a staying more than 14 days. Tourists will be subject to mandatory quarantine as per the Ministry of Health's (MOH) guideline, Malaysia.

For more information, please contact the OSC Secretariat at osccom@mida.gov.my.

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