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Today, Belgium allows to travel for a non essential trip with strict rules in return

Publié par TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA sur 19 Avril 2021, 08:52am

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Picture for free

Picture for free

From today, Belgium allows people to enter to the country and Belgian citizen to travel for a non essential trip.  Al though, The Consultative Committee decided on Wednesday  to lift of the non-essential travel ban on 19th April, some strict rules to check people returning to Belgium will remain in force. It means that the government and the crisis center discourage to move to another country.

If you have a PCR test with a negative result, you can fly to others destinations with a condition of the country that welcomes you. The best thing is to visit carefully the  Foreign Affairs Ministry’s website for specific rules per country.

The vaccination campaign started some weeks ago and Belgians have the own test rapid delivered by local drugstore. Two weeks ago, The Belgian government launched a new PCR at drugstore. At this time of pandemic, Belgium stays in a red zone.This Sunday, there was 2996 Covid 19 new cases and 29 deaths. . As Yves Stevens, the epidemiologist of the Belgian center of crisis said "This is still not the time to travel. At the moment, most of European countries are stil in a red zone".


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