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VisitBrusselsawards launch "Our Local Heroes !" to grant companies

This year the office of VisitBrussels launches a new intiative called "Our Local Heroes !" dedicated to creative projects that created in Brussels last year.

Any company can apply online to mention a project realized with theses 6 criterias:

  1. Best creative alternative :
  2. Audacious new project
  3. Solidarity initiative
  4. Sustainable initiative
  5. Co-creation
  6. Brussels on stage

Visitors are invited to vote online nominees and a jury composed of tourism professional association, press and academy will select the finalist winner of each category. The clock starts



Dates importantes :

09 May 2021 midnight : the deadline of application call

20th  May 2021 : public vote

3rd June 2021 midnight: deadline of public vote

7th June 2021 : Nominees voted by public

29th June 2021 : Ceremony visitBrusselsawards

r www.awards.brussels

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