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India : Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan is appointed President of Delphic Council of J&K

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on June 17 2021, 23:15pm

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India : Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan is appointed President  of Delphic Council of J&K

Te International Delphic Council (IDC) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious global organization that works to foster harmony amongst people through engagements in the various Arts forms and the Cultural identities that manifest them. This is achieved through the world’s only common floor for Arts and Cultures called the Delphic Games and other localised initiatives.


While the Delphic Games of the Modern Era were revived in 1994 with the coming together of Nations, the ancient history of the Delphic Games traces its roots back to Delphi in Greece 2500 years ago as the twin-sister of the Olympic Games!

The Delphic Games are to Arts & Cultures what Olympic Games are to physical sports.

Since revival, the Delphic Games have been hosted in Georgia, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Germany and South Africa while Delphic Summits, Delphic Art Wall initiatives and other festivals of cultural significance have been organised elsewhere in the world.

The International Delphic Council arrange for Delphic Games, Junior Delphic Games and continental Delphiads and by doing so, providing a unique Forum for Arts and Cultures of the world.

His Excellency Late Mr. Nelson Mandela patronized the Idea till his life as Delphic Ambassador for Youth. 

 World leaders including their Excellencies Mikhail Gorbachev (erstwhile USSR), Helmut Kohl (Germany), Eduard Shevardnadze (Georgia) as well as Celebrated Musicians, Painters, Academicians, Pedagogues, Historians, Arts & Culture revivalists and the like, have supported the Delphic Games and what they stand for.

International Institutions like UNESCO, Council of Europe, ASEAN and such, have endorsed the Delphic Games at various times.

In India, the movement was initiated in 2002 to represent Indian artistes in the various editions of the Delphic Games. The Indian movement has been rejuvenated with a new mandate and the Indian Delphic Council (INDC) is being strengthened with a mix of administrative and artistic experience. To oversee and develop the Delphic Movement in the SAARC region comprising of 8 Countries; the South Asian Delphic Council acts as the nodal authority.

As it were, the Delphic Movement is all about bringing artistes and their cultures together and to do that, one needs a wider reach and resources. To achieve this, we have National Councils, Provincial or State Councils and Delphic Clubs. These Clubs are the primary lifeline of our network, open to every kind of artistic expression and practice.

International Delphic Council appointed president and secretary general for the Delphic Council of Jammu & Kashmir.

 Mr. Bijender Goel, Adviser and In-charge for South Asia, International Delphic Council (IDC) has appointed Mr. Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan (a renowned Filmmaker, Festival Director & Theatre Practitioner), as President and Mr. Ashok Singh (An experienced Administrator), as Secretary General for the Delphic Council of Jammu & Kashmir.

 Other Office bearers, who have been appointed are Mr. Mohammad Akbar Malik (as Sr. Vice President), Mr. Narender Nath Thussu (as Joint Secretary General), Mr. Mehraj Ud Din Khan (as Treasurer), Mr. Syed Zeshan Kazmi (as Member of Executive Board), Prof  Prof Manzoor Ahmad Bhat (as Hon. Advisor) and Prof. Naseer Iqbal (as Hon. Advisor).

All state Presidents have been authorised to create their own team.   

South Asian region is entrusted with unique different Arts and Culture that need to be preserved for the future generations. The artists from these states will now have the opportunity to participate in International competitions under their Flag and win medals for the country. We are in process of constituting various National Delphic Council and State Councils in the South Asian Region that includes India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan, Srilanka and Afghanistan. Delphic Games are symbol of peace and harmony. This will not only help in promoting and preserving Arts and Culture but will boost tourism, help National and State economies and increase employments opportunities in the region”

Mr Goel, Adviser and In-charge South Asia said

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