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Sport: Tour of Slovenia ended with the victory of the Tadej Pogacar

This Sunday, The Slovenia cyclist, Tadej Pogačar succeeded in the final of race duiring 5-day battle.  It is not the first time, he was ever the winner of Tour of France race. Again he proved his steadfastness.

Courtesy VisitSlovenia

With world-class partners and under the “Fight for green” slogan, the Tour of Slovenia is becoming also one of the main events that internationally promote Slovenia as a five-star destination for active holidays.

The race emphasis on sustainability, which strengthens Slovenia's reputation as a sustainable destination. "Fight for green", the slogan of the race also this year highlighted Slovenia's commitment sustainability and urged to protect the environment.

Slovenian Tourist Board pays a special attention to cycling as one of the key products of active holidays. It strengthens the visibility as a destination for excellent cycling holidays by partnering up with top cycling aces, Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič. To promote this year's Tour of Slovenia race, the Slovenian Tourist Boars also launched a special video featuring Tadej Pogačar and a thank you video.

Courtesy VisitSlovenia

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