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Tourism: EUDigital certificate regulation launches this 1st July

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On 14th June, EU commission, Parliament and Council were agree with the launch of EU Digital certificat for EU tourists. The Regulation will apply for 12 months as of 1 July 2021.

This document seems to be the same that we have during our childhood vaccination. In this case it proove that you are vaccinated tested and recovery. It is a kind of indication of your health situation to fight Covid19. As they said "All Europeans have the right to free movement, also without the certificate, but the certificate will facilitate travel, exempting holders from restrictions like quarantine. It is free and deliver in 24 Eu languages, paper or digital format and secure with a digital signed QR code.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a symbol of what Europe stands for. Of a Europe that does not falter when put to the test. A Europe that unites and grows when faced with challenges. Our Union showed again that we work best when we work together. The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation was agreed between our institutions in the record time of 62 days. While we worked through the legislative process, we also built the technical backbone of the system, the EU gateway, which is live since 1 June.

The Presidents of the three EU institutions said

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