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Investment: LUXXU’s Thrilling Loft at New York city

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on October 14 2021, 13:30pm

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The City of Dreams is the stage for LUXXU’s new interior design project, a modern and industrial loft that breathes New York’s charisma in a two-floor bulky construction. Every big city needs nature, so, this open space loft fully incorporates an urban jungle concept that breathes together with a curated selection of furniture and lighting pieces inspired by the city’s vigorous personality.
Perfectly enlightened through the colossal windows, the neutral tones and raw materials deliver the industrial flavor, while some mid-century style pieces and rustic elements create a unique twist.

Worldwide known for its multicultural environment, New York fits lots of tastes, personalities, and cultures. This eclectic vibe is fully present in this exciting dwelling, masterfully prepared for Big Apple's fast life.
In this city full of lights, LUXXU’s loft wants to shine and provide the owner with the ultimate luxury experience.

Visit the loft as you imagine you are in

The ground floor

Concrete and brick walls set the mood at the first glance. Then, the exposed pipes complete the industrial and raw look that perfectly introduces a proper New York loft. The huge ceiling to floor windows keeps up with the open space concept and provides optimum natural lighting.
It’s the bachelor’s dream apartment thought to live in, but also to do what people do the most in this city, socialize. For that, one can explore the living and lounge area or a more formal dining room, all connected with a perfectly placed kitchen.
To contemplate the morning with a hot coffee, nothing better than the balcony with a stunning view of the American panorama.


Once in, visitors will immediately emerge into the loft energy and feel at home.

A welcoming entryway was never this stylish, and whoever visits the loft will, by no means, feel bored.
It all starts with the touch on the door handle, the Skyline door pull by Pullcast is the appetizer for a truly cosmopolitan experience.


The kitchen, built under the master bedroom mezzanine, has a clean look but a convenient design. The island was upgraded for additional storage and a sitting area, which results in an excellent solution for fast meals. Since LUXXU never compromises comfort, three Saboteur Swivel Bar Chairs were used.
The focus was never meant to be in the kitchen, therefore, neutral tones were privileged to keep it discreet.
The new Skyline Technical Suspension was hung at the ceiling, a bespoke piece made especially for this project, inspired by the Skyline Collection from Pullcast.


This living room is the perfect area to socialize, therefore, it was carefully dressed up to promote interaction between guests. Space will never be a problem since the upholstery pieces and the huge rug provide coziness for the desired number of visitors. The American feeling flows throughout the walls with a collection of photography that invites for an artwork tour. All of this while enjoying the warmth of the modern fireplace.
The Beyond Long Side Table matches the Beyond Long Bookcase, also designed specifically for this project. Right in the middle, the Empire Set I Center Table, a glamorous and charming modular two-piece round table made with bronze brass, Emperador Dark Marble & Nata Elastron Leather.
As for the lighting, several options were taken into consideration. The goal was to create a relaxing ambiance without obliterating the industrial look. Therefore, Tycho XS Small Pendant, Gala Floor, and Needle Table Lamp were chosen to translate the aesthetic of this industrial loft and add touches of different materials.


The Apotheosis Dining Table, LUXXU’s centerpiece in this area, is perfectly located near the large window for a delightful dining experience. Also highlighting the dining area is the new Needle Floor Lamp, an adjustable lighting solution superbly fitting the metropolitan vibe of New York City. On the wall, the Gala Torch gives an elegant and shimmering look. The setting is further enhanced with the new Galea II Dining Chairs that balance luxury and comfort in the finest form.

The Outdoor

On the first floor, the main attraction is the mezzanine, where the master bedroom is located, alongside a workspace. To have both areas in the same perimeter it was needed to create a breakout to privilege privacy.

The first floor

On the first floor, the main attraction is the mezzanine, where the master bedroom is located, alongside a workspace. To have both areas in the same perimeter it was needed to create a breakout to privilege privacy.

Master bedroom

Following the same cosmopolitan vibe as the ground floor, the master bedroom has a more understated decoration to prevail relaxation. This perfect hideaway is equipped with LUXXU’s most comfortable upholstery pieces, like the Charla Bed and Charla Ottoman, both in grey-white leather.
A reading corner is set by the window, with the Saboteur Swivel Armchair and the Darian II Side Table ready to provide a cozy experience.
The office area features the Waltz Desk, the Charla Small Office Chair, and the Gamma Table Lamp. An inviting combination for a work session.
The room is complete with the Waltz Closet, an elegant modular clothing storage solution, made with the finest materials, such as walnut root veneer, black leather, black lacquered wood, brass, and smoked mirror. The ideal closet for a luxury master bedroom offering a fully customizable organization system featuring shelves, rods, and drawers.
Natural light continues to be very present, and the city lights invade the space to make LUXXU’s pieces shine as they should.

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