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Quark Expeditions is ready to start in November 2021

Quark Expeditions, the global Leader in Polar Adventures restarts with the inaugural voyage of its game-changing new vessel Ultramarine in Antarctica on 25th November . It is one of the first polar operators that goes back to the Antarctic.
Courtesy Quark Expeditions

Courtesy Quark Expeditions

“We’re beyond thrilled to make it official: It’s all systems go for our Antarctic season to launch on November 25, 2021, now that Argentina is opening up its ports and airports to international travelers on November 1,” said Thomas Lennartz, Vice President of Sales at Quark Expeditions. “And we’re doubly excited because our highly anticipated Antarctic 21/22 season will also be the inaugural sailing season of our technologically-advanced ship Ultramarine, whose maiden voyage will the specially-curated Solar Eclipse 2021: Totality inAntarctica, with South Georgia expedition.

Thomas Lennartz, Vice President of Sales at Quark Expeditions explained

Quark Expeditions is a company specializing in expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, it has been the leading provider of polar adventure travel for three decades. There is  a diverse fleet of specially-equipped small expedition vessels and icebreakers, Quark Expeditions offers travelers unparalleled access to the most remote places on Earth. Led by passionate and seasoned expedition teams, including scientists, naturalists and researchers, the onboard program focuses on guest interaction to educate and enrich the passenger
experience. www.quarkexpeditions.com

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