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The Curious department: Embrace the power of Mist and Dew

At The Curious Department we are always listening to our customers. While our colour-rich maximalist patterns are adored globally, we receive many requests for the same maximalist patterns presented in a homogenised colour tone. We loved the idea as it still allows people to release detailed and verdant foliage onto their walls, but with a controlled colour palette.After careful consideration we now release two special edition colourways Mist (Light grey monotone) & Dew (Delicate green monotone), selected to optimise tranquillity and celebrate two serene moments in nature. The two colourways launching this October 8th, across a luxuriously embossed textured wallpaper and rich signature velvet cushions.

designers said

copyright: the Curious department
copyright: the Curious department
copyright: the Curious department

copyright: the Curious department

The Curious Department is a UK-based design studio and online boutique that specialises in the creation of quality art & prints, and luxurious  home accessories, designed by us in England, and created in the UK. Propelled by the notion of transformation, The Curious Department’s passion is to take the under appreciated aesthetics found in nature, and transform them into unexpected mesmerising objects of beauty. 
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