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U-label, a digital tool born with a new collaboration between CEEV and Spirits EUROPE

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on October 14 2021, 10:38am

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 Image courtesy: Concord90

Image courtesy: Concord90

 U-LABEL is a new platform thought by two European associations who give to consumers an access to information from wine and spirits product across Europe. A QR code technology will do it to cross to the digital era with smooth way.

Both organization are agreed with the fact that in digital area, this platform allows any wine or spirit company, small or large, to give EU consumers relevant, standardised and detailed product information – such as list of ingredients, nutrition information, responsible drinking guidelines and information about sustainability. Fast to get hugh information on production, field and agriculture. The U-label guarantees to let customers time to read more at home.

This platform responds to consumer demand for more information. Empowering consumers to make healthy food choices, including as regards alcoholic beverages is one of the key objectives of the Commission. We will all need to work together towards a new and harmonised frame for the labelling of all alcoholic beverages”

Claire Bury, Deputy Director General in DG SANTE at the European Commission declared

If the Common Agricultural Policy legal framework authorises wines to communicate mandatory information through e-labels, CEEV and Spirits EUROPE wanted to go beyond this line. With fifteen companies participating in the pilot phase, the standardized U-LABEL system will be thoroughly tested. This successful collaboration with companies from various countries and sizes allowed U-LABEL to stick as close as possible to the true needs of today's wine and spirits companies and consumers.

We decided to create U-LABEL to offer all wine and spirits companies an affordable turnkey solution to embark on this digital journey. We are proud to be able to deliver this innovative multilingual tool over two years before new labelling rules become a legal obligation for wine producers under the CAP reform.

The Secretary General of CEEV Sánchez Recarte said

The European spirits industry already committed to providing energy information on label and ingredient information online in its 2019 MoU on Consumer Information, and we are meeting the targets we set then Consumers want comprehensive information at their digital fingertips. This is what we are providing voluntary through U-LABEL. We call on the European Commission to follow suit and set standards for digital labelling across product types, not to substitute but to complement on-pack information with what consumers are looking for.

Ulrich Adam, SpiritsEUROPE Director General concluded

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