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Amsterdam received the Thinking Cities award by Polis EU organization

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on December 3 2021, 13:08pm

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Copyright Polis-Amsterdam won award

Copyright Polis-Amsterdam won award

Amsterdam received the Thinking Cities award for its leading activities in the field of data sharing, shared mobility, and Mobility as a Service.The City is pioneering and innovating on multiple fronts and presented several of its leading initiatives at POLIS Conference.
The Thinking Cities Award is an annual prize putting the spotlight on local and regional authorities solving their most pressing urban mobility challenges through innovation. A delegation from the City of Amsterdam collected the prize during the closing plenary of the POLIS Conference 2021.

During the session it showed how Amsterdam preserves its societal values in the Mobility as a Service ecosystem.

We appreciate this award as we have a large team working on innovation and smart mobility, and these projects are the result of a collective effort. We truly believe we can help everyone move forward in the field of innovative mobility, as in a joint movement of local governments. This is the reason why we have been investing and pushing in topics such as data sharing, MaaS and mobility hubs, and we have been discussing these extensively with other cities that could benefit from such innovations

Dan van der Taas, Project Leader for Mobility as a Service at the City of Amsterdam, said

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