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#Lituana, Vilnius inspires VAIDA KANDRATAVIČIŪTĖ, interior designer

"The Living Room is one of the most important rooms and where we spend more time, in this project this room was thought in order to have light entrances that make it illuminated by the natural light of the beautiful Vilnius old town.

Then ishighlighted the contrast between white and green, two colours that transmit tranquility and calm to us.

The importance of an open space between the living room, dining room and kitchen makes this project very interesting and challenging for the interior designer as she managed without physical walls to create and join these three rooms brilliantly" said

VAIDA KANDRATAVIČIŪTĖ, interior designer developed and created the project.
She belongs to the DelightFULL that was 15 years before a studio with talented interior designers.  Now it became a brand to the creative team.


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