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Malaysia reopens its borders on April 1st

Publié par TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA sur 2 Avril 2022, 08:21am

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Thanks to its excellent infrastructure and its international airport has offered the ideal conditions for a safe and controlled relaunch of tourism in Malaysia. The paradise island of powder white sandy beaches, secluded bays and a colourful underwater world unveils new attractions and infrastructures.

Starting with new hotels, Langkawi welcomes two first-class properties this year: opens its doors in April with 164 rooms, a bar, a restaurant, indoor playground for children and meeting rooms. The property is only about 200 meters from the beach and next to a shopping mall. In May, the 310-room follows. The property offers suites with private pools, as well as beach bars, themed restaurants, cascade pools, a childcare facility, and an exclusive spa.

Sports enthusiasts can now explore the island by bike along seven new routes of the “Langkawi Cyclotourism Trail”.

Another community-based tourism project for bikers – the “Ridescape”, a 2.4-km bike path in Kuala Sungai Melaka – will soon be launched.

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