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UGANDA: international Museum Day "The Power of Museums in Conservation of our Culture"

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on May 20 2022, 18:00pm

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This year in Uganda marked a special international Museum Day, the theme was "The Power of Museums in Conservation of our Culture". This event had the potential to create meaningful experiences for ail peoples to achieve their social value. As agents of change, museums have to demonstrate their relevance by engaging constructivcly in the politics, social, and cultural realities of modem society. As educational and social institutions, museums are central in mitigating challenges of Inclusion and Diversity as explained the communication manager of Museum.
"The Power of Museums in the conservation of our culture" aims to display the ''hiddenpotential" that museums have been keeping for a long time. These treasures shall be displayed in an elaborative manner by the personnel of museums to champion tools for idcntifying and overcoming bias in what museum. In other word to raise awareness of the fact that "museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual undestanding, cooperation and peace among people. 


The following strategies will be used to take the museum services closer to the community;

0 Sensitization campaigns on museum services carried out Involvement of various categories of Youths, Adults and Community leaders in the activities of preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

  • Establish and equip regional museums with artefacts , arte-factum or praizvide nia iskustva or works of art beneficial to their day-to-day activitics in consideration of Diversity and Inclusion.

The general public is to be given an opportunity to not only participate in the occasions but also share knowlcdge and experiences faced in the management, care of museums.

source: Uganda tourism

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