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Vietnam starts "Live Fully in Vietnam" tourism campaign


"Live fully in Vietnam" the newest tourism campaign dedicated to the international tourists to go back into the...

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Vietnam strenghtens cooperation with international organizations


The president of Vietnam will be in Geneva during high meetings organized by World Trade Organization. This travel...

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Angola célébrait la journée indépendance et celle du roi de Belgique


©hafidabenyacoub ©hafidabenyacoub Hymne angolais ©hafida benyacoub

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LEUVEN: Colombian Bike Night or a discover of cyclotourism in the country


Yesterday, Colombia Bike night was the first event since the pandemic that people could enjoy it. Speeches by his...

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Partnership between Vietnam and Belgium will be an economic asset to tourism as well


The invitation of the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Duarte Pacheco, the President of the Austrian...

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EU tourism conference in Slovenia to tackle on EU tourism matters after pandemic?


Piran Green -Slovenia tourism copyright In Slovenia,some international experts in Tourism collaborated to find...

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Pro sailing Tour: Sam Goodchild with Leyton, the British skipper won the race


This Sunday 8th August was a day of sailing race : Rolex fastnet race started at midday and the Pro sailing race...

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Independence day of Maldives: Ambassador invites Belgians to visit his green-safe country


Copyright hafidabenyacoub : Ambassador and his wife, Ms. Mariyam Seena - Counsellor Ms. Fathimath Reena - First...

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Tourism: EUDigital certificate regulation launches this 1st July


Image for free On 14th June, EU commission, Parliament and Council were agree with the launch of EU Digital certificat...

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In 2020 Slovenia won the ETIC-CIFFT video competition


Stay home, dear friend. Find strength in your dreams. Imagine a new world. Seed a tree for you and me.Stay home,...

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