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Who? What?

Who are we?

Travel Top Country is a monthly magazine online, a guide thought and born in Brussels during the pandemic.  We made it with senior journalists from Africa, Europe and Asia .

Our team dedicate it to

  1. Business tourism 
  2. Culture-heritage,
  3. Green-sustainable,
  4. Competitive sport,
  5. Interior architecture to the hospitality industry 
  6. A spot to visit.

Our media is located in Brussels Europe. We are in contact with international diplomatic body for each event that is scheduled.

What do we do?

Provide analysis and expertise in EU Union/United Nations matters: tourism, Environment, innovation, Food and Trade.

Sea : Knowledge in EU regulation, protection of environment (Cousteau and NGO) training in international Nautic competition

Do : Write articles, photos, podcast, and video documentary
         Studies -research on tourism, investments, sea and environment, culture and heritage related to EU/UN/NGO

Promote tourism industry :

  1. Public sector : Region-country economic development plan
  2. With international
Be a Partner with us
Who can reply to your request?
Co-founder Editor in chief : eduardo@traveltopcountrymag.com

Co-founder Director-Senior journalist: hafida@traveltopcountrymag.com

Sea - climate change Consultant: nicolaos@traveltopcountrymag.com

Copy editor -Public relations manager  : mario@travelopcountrymag.com

To become a contributor in French and English contact : eduardo@traveltopcountrymag.com

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