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MONACO: Contemporary Modern Penthouse

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on March 13 2021, 23:13pm

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A new creation signed by Caffelatte in Porto Portugal; with the "Contemporary Modern Penthouse".  A luxury and elegance touch with a simplicity and functionality.

Designers said"What beter place to enjoy a fne dinner with friends and family than a beautiful and inspiring dining room? This room was design to provide exactly that: a beautfully
decorated and furnished area, with a practical and cozy approach. Again, the neutral tones are in sync with the other open areas, both in design and taste. "















Unique Kids Bedroom

"A house is not a home without the lively laughter and play of children. In this case, double the fun. The twins’ room is both fun and aesthetcally pleasing. Doubling on the items and doubling on the styling with a gender-neutral palete, complete with an officece and private bathroom. "

CAFFE LATTTE is a compagy gathers some talented Art designers in Porto, Portugal. They produce luxury and elegant collection of furniture, lighting and acessories.


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