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Morocco: Three women have the same business dream

Posted by TRAVEL TOP COUNTRY MAG MEDIA on June 14 2021, 15:42pm

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courtesy Dihiya tribe

courtesy Dihiya tribe

Karen, Nezha, and Lena, neighbours in Morocco from England, a local, and Germany stopped dreaming and started to support their local community. Ever since Corona hit, the situation for artists and their families in Morocco has got really bad. Most people in the region of Agadir are dependent on tourism. But for one year the borders are closed. With no more ideas on how to feed their children and animals, a lot of Moroccans are left alone. Looking to find a solution, the three women, that happen to be a web developer, a designer, and a photographer, have brought their talents together and founded Dihiya Inspired.

Dihiya, according to legend was a Berber queen, fighting for the rights of her people. The three neighbours are now fighting for a better future for the people around them and a better future for our planet.

The brand Dihiya is born....
courtesy Dihiya tribe
courtesy Dihiya tribe

courtesy Dihiya tribe


  • creating upcycled products
  • together with local artists
  • as well as selling their one of a kind crafts

Since May 2020 Dihiya Inspired grew from an idea to an online shop with its own line for people and their homes. All are

  • Handmade
  • Local
  • fair trade
  • sustainable

From the material to the production to the packaging.

Supporting women in their handcraft creates confidence in their art and helps generate hope and respect from the community. Upcycling the elaborate traditional clothes like Kaftans and Djellabas values the work of the mostly female artists behind them. As well, at the same time, plants the seed of the upcycling idea, something completely new in Morocco.

Support the movement and become a part*isan of Moroccan Art*isan

Purchase a product and tell your family and friends about @Dihiyainspired

Find your one of a kind product here www.dihiyainspired.com

Or contact us for more info admin@dihiyainspired.com

Spread the spirit, love your Dihiya tribe

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